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Pennsylvania Dave-Lead Vocal, Electric Guitar
Ken Mottet-Acoustic Guitar
Pat Keiner-Steel Guitar, Dobro, Mandolin, Banjo, Harmony Vocal
Greg Hirte-Fiddle
Spider Mike-Upright Bass
Perry Lafine-Drums


Lo-fi lo-fi lo-fi lo-fi low-tech, low-down, low-down…low down.

I'm a lo-fi, low-tech, low-down papa
stand clear here I come
my mama was an ice cube
my pappy was a pistol
and me I'm a son of a gun
I'll do what I like, like I like to do it
I'll live my life day by day
'cos I'm a lo-fi, lo-tech, lo-down pappa
I got a down to earth natural way

My grandpappy was an old coal cracker which is low down as you can get
My granny liked to sing songs acapella which is so naturally low tech
My uncle sold me this ol' guitar, now I'm rockin' it very lo-fi
Every time I sing and strum the ol' six string it brings a tear and a great big smile

Chorus: cos I'm lo-fi lo-fi lo-fi lo-fi low-tech, low-down low-down…low down.