Our Story

“On the pilgrimage to the holy land of sparkly suits and pointed boots, the Gin Palace Jesters are Chicago's answer to the honky-tonk country music lover's dream. They got it all…pedal steel, slap bass, fiddle and git-pickin' fools." -Matty-O Daddy-O - Planet Rockabilly

"Used to be, way back before there were videos, CMT and arena tours, the best way - and for many, the only way - to experience live country music was the roadhouse out beyond the edge of town, a one-room dive with chicken wire strung in front of the stage and surrounded by an acre or three of gravel parking lot. The Chicago-based Gin Palace Jesters are almost literally a throwback to that era of honky tonk bands that a generation danced and fought to."- John Lupton - Country Standard Time

Gin Palace Jesters
Chicago's original Honkytonk Fools, the Gin Palace Jesters are purveyors of the finest in hard hitting Hillbilly, Honky-tonk, Country Boogie and Western Swing. Infused with a deep and sincere fondness for all traditional American musical styles, the sound of the Gin Palace Jesters could best be described as being akin to the sounds of Country Music's golden age of the 1940's-1960's. Although a portion of their live performances come from a vast catalog of the Hillbilly & Country Hit Parade, these boys are not mere followers or imitators as they boast the talent of 4 songwriters that pen original novelty numbers, heartfelt love songs, Honkytonk weepers, drinking songs, dark ballads and instrumentals. Delivering time honored conventional stringed instrumentation and vocal harmony, the Gin Palace Jesters prove that authentic country music is still a valid and vital musical art form in both long established hit songs as well as brand spanking new originals. The Gin Palace Jesters are a true authentic American band often seen holding court where the thrones are bar stools, the lights are made of neon, the holy spirits are served on the rocks, and Hank Williams is King.

The Gin Palace Jesters are proud to announce the release of their THIRD full length recording "For Better Or For Worse" featuring 14 original tunes of NEW COUNTRY that sounds like the old un-ruined stuff your grandpappy used to listen to.  Check out our latest and greatest release yet or find some gems from the past but whatever you do sign up on our mailing list for a free download.