From the recording For Better Or For Worse

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Pennsylvania Dave-Lead Vocals, Electric Guitar
Ken Mottet-Acoustic Guitar, vocals
Pat Keiner-Steel Guitar, Electric Space Guitar, Vocals
Spider Mike Hobson-Upright Bass, Tic Tac Bass
Perry Lafine-Drums


Erin Is For Lovin’-David R. Sisson Key of E. Starts out as 3 chord rockabilly shit with stops and adds a good dose of Buddy Holly pop bounce and some savage RnR.

Erin is for lovin’ and that’s what I’m gonna do
I’m gonna hug and squeeze Erin until she turns blue
I’m gonna cuddle up against her in the cold cold night
‘cos Erin is for lovin’ and her lovin’s outta sight

Chorus D-E-D-E-D-A-E (x2)
Erin is for lovin’…Erin is for lovin’ and my fuse lights quick with her spark
Erin is for lovin’…Erin is for lovin’ just watch me explode when the kissin’ starts

Erin is for lovin’ and it’s plainly clear to see
The just ain’t no one who loves Erin like me
I’m gonna treat her so good and love her so bad
‘cos Erin is for lovin’ and the best I’ve ever had

Solo over chorus changes

Erin is for lovin’ with those big blue eyes
And the depth of her beauty a recurring surprise
And I don’t even care if it’s my cause of demise
‘cos when I get to lovin’ Erin all my dreams realized

Chorus (x2?)