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Pennsylvania Dave-Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Pat Keiner-Steel Guitar
Spider Mike Hobson-Upright Bass
Perry Lafine-Drums
Greg Hirte-Fiddle


Along The Trail Of Tears-Dave Sisson

Broken Hearts have no home
Along the trail of tears
They wander all alone

Since you’ve gone I walk alone
Condemned to trudge along and carry on
My way from day to day lost and astray
Searching for a sign that lead to fool’s paradise
while circling buzzards warn the passersby
your starlight daydreams have made you blind

Every step I mark along my slow march
Is haunted by the memory of you
Every moment I live I atone for the sins
Of the gifts I gave to you
You took them and left me blue

Your selfish heart of stone
Trespassed upon a happy home
And left a trail of tears for me to wander all alone on my own
But still I stagger on
Pursued by the memory of of love
Driven towards what might be for me my blue skies beyond the distant horizon

Every foot that placed upon my unbroken trail
Is blistered by the memory of you
Every teardrop I cry will cleanse my sad eyes
For your witchcraft was so unkind
And your stardust has made me blind
(solo & repeat last chorus)