1. Texas 12-Step

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Texas 12-Step-Spider Mike Hobson

I'm Sorry about your front door
and I'm sorry about your bedroom floor
and I'm sorry for the things I said to you on the front porch
I just need a little time to think
and I'll admit I had too much to drink
and I know this ain't the first time for you seeing me like this..

I'm goin' south and gettin' clean
I'm holdin' up in Abilene
3 long weeks I haven't slept and I'm doin'
the Texas 12-step

Well the Devil made me drink it
and the whiskey made me do it
and I know that ain't much of an excuse anymore
but it's my hand that shakes and my heart that breaks knowin' that I can't take back mistakes and the hurtful things I said and did to you years before

Bridge: I must have made a few mistakes
'cos I'm wakin' up with whiskey shakes
cigarettes and coffee won't take away the pain
so I'm goin south...etc