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Very Old Cecil Patch’s Tennessee Blend (91 Proof) – by:Dave Sisson 1986 & 2008
Very old Cecil Patch’s Tennessee Blend
Been distilled for ages by Cecil Patch’s kin
Way up in the hills around Porterville
In a lead lined steel and glass homemade still
From a secret ingredient from great Granny Mae
It’s Cecil Patch’s secret kept ‘til this day
And all the old folks are hooked on this juice
because it’s 91 PROOF!

Oh it’s 91 proof. 91 proof
Uncle John lived by it Uncle John died by it it’s 91 proof SOLO #1

One mornin’ in a shanty town up in the woods
Where drifters and hobos get together and slum
It’s near a steep grade where they can hop onto trains
And drink Cecil Patch’s Tennessee Blend
When the smell from this whiskey floats down from the hills
And it wakes up the drunkards with it’s honeysuckle smell

First woke the bleary eyed hobo named Henry
And screamed “Let’s take the still boys! C’mon boys join me!”
So they staggered and they swayed in some drunken formation
To claim this sweet prize Cecil’s still of damnation
When they broke through the trees there at the top of the grade
shots were heard from Cecil’s big ol 12 gauge
And those strangers ain’t never come down
but the whiskey flows free down at the sheriffs in town

Oh it’s 91 proof, 91 proof
Oak barrel aged to a glorious red
With enough sugar maple to kill the taste of lead SOLO #2

So if your throats dry and your feelin’ blue
I know great Granny Mae Patch’s remedy so
Get yourself out a nice big ol’ tin can and
Fill it to the rim with this Tennessee Blend
Drink it all down then do it again
And your rotted teeth will leer with a steely cold grin
& if you think I’m a lyin’ man
Great Granny Mae is now One Hundred and Ten

Oh it’s 91 proof, 91 proof
It’s 91 proof and that’s a fact
It kicks like a mule and puts you on your back