Domain name legal issues February 2018

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The non glamorous side of show biz is the biz part of the show and that involves a bunch of junk most musicians aren't well designed to deal with like bookings, promotion, music publishing and web design. In our case lately that has been running up against a gigantic company named Yahoo who wanted us to prove we owned a domain name we did in fact own for 18 years and that we were who we said we were! How do you do that over the phone talking to some guy named "Hank" in Bombay, India?  Well after our little website went down for a while and we were trying to deal with that the usual vultures swooped in to steal the domain name we had for this website to hold it for ransom. It' s a whole sub racket that goes on and so while we have LOST our old domain name of we are now the proud owners of with the little dashes in between.  We apologize for being down for the last 90 days while the Gin Palace Jesters legal team was in lengthy courtroom proceedings with the Yahoo Business Services. We have severed ties with that organization and it's like a fresh divorcee free to be happy again!  It's great to be back online and expect updates to come shortly!  Please make note of our new domain name with the DASHES in between will ya?