News and whatnots....

Hey everyone.  We have a few new shows over there on the right side of your page.  It's 2017 and really we have been busy even if we haven't been diligent updating our website. . Our fiddler Greg has been off getting famous traveling and performing music and theater hither and yon and we have sure been missing a fiddler with band. I mean, you can't play Texas if you ain't got a fiddler in the band...amiright?  So we applaud Greg for doing what he does and are happy for him but we need a fiddler to gig with us so, after an extensive search we stumbled across and procured the talents of the young 16 year old Connor Ostrow.  Man alive he is good!  He picked up the fiddle at age 4 and now 12 years later he is injecting some hot fiddlin' licks into our sound and it's forced all the lead players to step up their game.  We now count ourselves as a 7 piece Honkytonkin' Hillbilly Swing combo and surely it must be time for some new band photos huh?  Here's a picture of some all the boys including Connor. Come out and see us sometime will ya?  
"Pennsylvania" Dave-Guitar and Vocals
Paddy Keiner-Steel Guitar, Mandolin and Vocals
Ken Mottet- Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
"Spider" Mike Hobson-Upright Bass and Vocals
Michael Henry "Hank" Iwema-Accordion
Connor Ostrow-Fiddle
Martin Dreilich-Drums